Aqua Glow

Immerse yourself in peaceful warm water as the excitement of sight and sound lull you into seclusion and harbor you from the rigors of the day. Like music, the ever constant flow of water cascades around you while a brilliant exhibition of lighting features somehow suggest an image of calm or finality. These things are all components of AquaGlo™, a combination of water and light enhancements that truly differentiate the 700 series Vita Spa from an average hot tub.The following features are all components of AquaGlo™.


Cascading Water Features

Many spas have some form of water feature, but few,if any go to the extreme of the 700 series Vita Spas. Most models have multiple water features, such as the Rendezvous, which has a combination of waterfalls, cascades and even fountains, eight in total, combined with accent lighting to make your Vita Spa experience a nightly event to remember.


Exterior Accent Lighting

Call it a final touch if you will, AquaGlo's exterior lighting feature offers a touch of class while also providing a very practical lighting source to help guide you to the entry of the spa.


Illuminated Controls

Diverter valves and air controls are illuminated for easy use in dim lighting situations. Standard on (700 Series)


Trevi Fountain

Once only available as an option, this feature is now a standard feature on most 700 series Vita spas. A true laminar stream of water rises above the waters surface providing a soothing visual and sound effect.The water stream is back lighted for further visual enhancement.


Aqua Burst™ & Aqua Burst Plus

The lights of the Aqua Burst system add a phosphoresce-like luminescence to the water, skimming the surface of the water in a kaleidoscope of changing colors. Or, simply pick your colour of choice.


Lighted Cup Holders

A comforting dip in a hot tub accompanied by a glass of your favourite beverage is the perfect combination and now, with Vita Spa's lighted glass holders you will never forget where you set that drink.

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