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Christmas Gift Guide for Hot Tub Owners

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. But while owning a hot tub

provides endless opportunities to relax and socialise, it also comes with a range of great ideas

for Christmas gifts. As we know, Christmas is the time of giving. That’s why the experts at Aqua

Spa Supplies have provided a gift guide for those looking to give their loved someone

something special this year.

The Essentials

For the one who likes to keep themselves busy with hot tub maintenance, we have some great

items in store that are bound to put a smile on their face.

  • LEKTR Pool & Spa Vac Cleaning your hot tub has never been so easy! LEKTRATM is ideal for cleaning small above ground pools and spas. Its lightweight design makes it easy to remove debris from the pool or spa floor with minimum effort.

  • Water Filter Wand Looking for a gift that a hot tub owner will love AND save them money? Then look no further. The Waterwand Filter Brush cleans the pleats of your filter, reducing the filter cleaning time by more than 50%!

Fun Hot Tub Accessories

We all know someone who’s more into pampering themselves than their spa. Whether it’s

relaxing with some candles or having a few drinks with friends, this person loves to reap the

benefits of owning a luxury spa! Here’s our recommendation for the fun rubber

  • Fragrance by Yourspa Dissolved in your hot tub, the YourSpa hot tub salts have a wide range of benefits from relaxing the mind to relieving physical pain, especially sore muscles, cramps and tired feet. Each bottle comes with a unique scent to keep you and your tub smelling fresh throughout use.

  • Deluxe Inflatable Spa Bar Looking for something to safely hold a round of drinks? Our Deluxe Inflatable Spa Bar can hold up to six drinks, with 3 removable snack compartments so you don’t have to get out of the tub should any cravings sneak up!

  • Kids Hot Tub Toys Hot tubs aren’t just for adults, kids of all ages can enjoy a dip too! Christmas is an exciting time for children, so why not get them in on the action with hot tub related toys and gifts? We have a wide selection of quirky rubber ducks that make great stocking fillers and maximise spa enjoyment!

If you would like more information about Aqua Spa Supplies selection of products, get in touch

with our team today.

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