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Hot tub accessories to keep your spa clean

Hot tub accessories are more than just fun rubber ducks. At Aqua Spa Supplies, we provide an extensive range of cleaning chemicals to ensure long lasting enjoyment with your spa.

Finding the best hot tub chemicals to clean your spa can be difficult. With so many products available at Aqua Spa Supplies, it can quickly leave you scratching your head in confusion! With this in mind, here are the best hot tub chemicals and accessories to keep your spa clean.


Your hot tub will need to be treated with a Sanitiser to control and prevent bacteria growth. Bacteria can multiply rapidly in a hot environment, so you must maintain an appropriate sanitiser level to ensure any bacteria in the water is killed. There are two main sanitisers available to keep your hot tub clean and these are chlorine and bromine.

We recommend using the Yourspa Watercare Kit in Chlorine or Bromine to help transform your grimy spa water into a clean and sparkling environment.

Shock Treatment

Pools and spas have the potential to become host to a plague of algae, and other bacteria, unwanted impurities and organic life matter. But while Chlorine helps sanitise the water, it can be broken down by the sunlight as well as general impurities. This is where a shock treatment comes in.

Shock treatments work by applying a dose of high strength chlorine once a week or as and when a boost in sanitisation is required. This causes the chlorine levels to quickly become effective. We recommend using the Aqua Sparkle Rapid Shock treatment to help remove harmful bacteria and ensure your spa is safe for use.

Hot Tub Filters

A good, high quality hot tub filter can keep your water safe and clean, while protecting your pump and heater from damage. It’s important to invest in high quality cartridges in order to filter out unwanted dirt and grime whilst optimising pump performance.

At Aqua Spa Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering the best hot tub accessories the market has to offer. Our accessories are compatible with both hard shell and inflatable hot tubs, with the best hot tub chemicals to suit your individual needs. For more information, visit

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