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Hot Tub Buying Guide

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

What to look for when buying a hot Tub

Important aspects like type of tub, size, accessories & safety issues.

Why do you want a hot tub? Is it because you have just had your first experience and now you are hooked? Assuming you have already read our other guide ‘Hot Tub Location & Installation’ you have now decided on the perfect location whether inside or out and now you have some questions, all of which could affect the final price.

Choosing a hot tub shouldn’t be difficult after all it’s just a spa bath right? Not exactly, and after reading this, you will realise it’s better to make your right choice first time, by understanding all the options available to you, as with every choice there is a noticeable price tag attached.

Most hot tubs come in a selection of sizes, and ours range from £3,500 to over £15,000 and can comfortably hold up to 8 people. Also the shapes can vary from circular, square and even triangular which are designed to fit in a corner. So you consider how many people will want to use the hot tub at any one time, and the space available e.g. a large open circular decking covered with a gazebo, would look brilliant with a sunken circular hot tub with coloured lights on a summer evening, and even more spectacular in the winter frosts and snow.

Did you want to keep the cleaning to a minimum, and keep the water warm? In which case you will need a lid, or a cover. Plus if you want it to be easy to take on or off, a simple hot tub ‘lid lifter’, is the perfect solution for you.

After lighting and covers, anything else may be considered as a convenience rather than necessary i.e. steps, spa pillows, sound system (dvd), additional jets, cleaning wand, scents, bar kit, gazebo. However, if you can cut down the size of the hot tub and not buy one with space you will rarely use, you will have saved some cash and can buy more ‘extras’.

Safety in a hot tub

Young children should never be left unsupervised in or near a hot tub for obvious reasons. Whilst this does a matter of common sense, accidents can happen to anyone at any age.

Also remember, hot water can make some people feel a little faint, so even adults need to be carefully watched if they feel affected by the heat.

If you are going to use your hot tub for garden parties, bbq’s etc where there is going to be food and drink on offer, it is advised that food should not be eaten in the hot tub, and drink in real glasses should NEVER we served. If a glass breaks in the hot tub, it is virtually impossible to find the shards of glass to remove. Apart from injuries to your friends, there is also the inconvenience of having to totally drain the hot tub to clear it and sanitise after injury. There are some very good quality plastic wine, beer and champagne glasses available.

In conclusion, what to look for when buying a hot tub depends on your budget, available space and which accessories your need.

If you are still not sure, or have other questions, please ask us.

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