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Three reasons why a swim spa is better than a swimming pool

Deciding between a swim spa and a swimming pool can be a tough decision. But as Essex’s best hot tub chemical supplier, we can’t help but agree - swim spas are a much better investment than swimming pools!

Whether you're a professional swimmer, a personal trainer or simply looking for something different, here’s Aqua Spa Supplies top three reasons why it’s better to invest in a swim spa.


Investing in a swimming pool meaning having vast space in your back garden to fit it. But not everyone wants a huge water feature taking up the majority of their space. Unlike swimming pools, swim spas can be a much better choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a spa, without ruining the overall aesthetic of their garden.

Year round use

When people think of swimming pools, they often think of summertime and relaxing with family. But there is a reason for this. Pools are much less likely to get used year round as they are less likely to stand against seasonal changes and are unable to warm up - unless you pay over the odds for a pool heater.

Swim spas are a much better alternative as they can be used all year long. What’s more, they also provide additional health benefits - such as hydrotherapy and increased quality of sleep - which are great to take advantage of during the colder months!

Easier (and cheaper) to maintain

Did you know a swim spa is 3x more affordable than a regular swimming pool? While a pool may initially look appealing, it’s regular maintenance can leave you feeling drained; both physically and financially.

Swim spas are self-cleaning, which means you only need to empty the water twice a year. However, we do recommend maintaining your water quality with the Yourspa Water Care Kit or Spa Marvel’s Water Treatment to prevent the build up of bacteria in your spa.

Swimming pools also require you to buy a lot of add on accessories that can quickly rack up your bill. That’s why swim spas come with a standard hardcover, to protect your family and pets from accidents and any additional costs.

Swim spas are a big investment to your home, which means it’s vital you have the right chemicals to keep it in tip top condition. Visit our website and talk to our experts today about the right spa care regimen today

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