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Eco Friendly Hot Tub Watercare You Need Right Now

If you haven’t seen David Attenborough's latest documentary, where have you been? While his previous ‘Our Planet’ series has depicted cinematic shots of wildlife and beauty, the one-off film provided a bleaker outlook on the state of the planet and the ecosystem.

Hot tubs aren’t usually known for being eco friendly. According to The Guardian, the carbon footprint of owning a tub is ‘appalling’ due to the chemicals and amount of energy they use. But there is a solution. Eco friendly hot tub chemicals are fast becoming popular among hot tub users, with many enjoying the natural cleaning benefits that do little damage to the environment.

With this in mind, here’s three eco friendly hot tub water care products you need right now.

Spa Marvel Water Treatment

As one of the most innovative brands on the market, the Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is a must have to your eco-friendly chemical collection. Spa Marvel chemical free alternative to traditional hot tub water care. It’s natural cleansing abilities solve most spa water problems, without the danger of using multiple spa chemicals. What’s more, it’s the perfect eco friendly hot tub chemicals for those with sensitive skin. Say goodbye to chlorine rash!

Aqua Excellent Water Treatment System

If you’re looking to splurge on your water care, then the Aqua Excellent Water Treatment System is the product for you. Aqua Excellent is an environmentally friendly all-in-one water treatment product that allows you to add small amounts of disinfectant to your spa water. The kit comes complete with 2 bottles of water treatment, 1 dispenser for chlorine tablets, 18 chlorine tablets, measuring cups and microfiber cleaning cloths to ensure you're fully equipped to tackle the tub.

O2 Gentle Water Treatment (non-Chlorine)

For the perfect beginners guide to eco friendly hot tub chemicals, we recommend O2 Gentle Water Treatment (non-Chlorine). Retailing at just £49.98, the kit is great at maintaining your spa in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner; with a two step application for soft and chlorine free spa water.

It’s important to keep your hot tub clean to prevent the build up of deadly bacteria. But that doesn’t mean you can be mindful of the planet while you clean. If you would like more information on our eco friendly hot tub chemicals, visit Aqua Spa Supplies today.

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