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Hot Tub Accessories: Conserving your spa water

As a hot tub accessories distributor, we understand that the biggest problem customers face is water conservation. Whether you’re eco-conscious or just trying to save a buck, seeking ways to conserve water is good for the planet and your savings account.

It’s important to remember that a spa with a standard hot tub water sanitation system has to be

completely drained and refilled a few times a year. With this in mind, Aqua Spa Supplies outlines how you can conserve your hot tub water.

Cover Your Hot Tub When You’re Not Using It

Quality hot tubs come with a durable vinyl cover. As a hot tub accessories distributor, we always recommend covering your hot tub when it’s not in use to prevent contamination from fallen leaves or sap, birds and insects, and particulate matter. It will also protect your spa from water loss via evaporation. A hot tub cover will also greatly improve your spa’s energy efficiency by regulating water temperature; reducing your electric bill.

Spa covers can be heavy and difficult for one person to move. For those who struggle to remove their cover alone, consider investing in a hot tub cover lifter or an E2E cover. Both options will allow you to easily remove and replace the cover; while ensuring you never leave your spa uncovered. As a distributor of hot tub accessories, we provide a wide range of covers to suit your budget and needs. Shop our full range of hot tub covers here

Clean and Replace Filters Regularly

Even the most luxurious spas depend on efficient filters to help keep the water clean and free of dirt, dust, insects, and leaves.

To keep your hot tub filters working properly, they must be cleaned regularly. Most are easy to access and remove. A quick check once a week will keep you apprised of their condition. Look for cracks, wear, and tearing when you inspect. A brief rinse with a garden hose will clear them of contamination. High-quality filters will last two to three years.

If you would like more information on the best hot tub accessories to conserve your water, get in touch with our spa supplies distributor today

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