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Hot Tub Accessories To Shock Dose Your Spa

As a hot tub accessories expert, Aqua Spa Supplies advises its customers to shock their hot tub water once a week as part of their regular hot tub maintenance. This will help control bacterial growth and destroy any and all bather impurities.

But many spa owners are unsure how to shock hot tub water or what is needed to ensure it is done correctly. With this in mind, our experts outline how to shock your hot tub water and the best hot tub accessories for the job.

What is a hot tub shock?

Shock dosing your hot tub water is the process of adding a higher than normal dose of oxidiser to the spa water. This is called oxidizing. The most obvious reason for shocking your hot tub is to clean the water so it is safe for soaking.

By using the right hot tub accessories to shock your hot tub water, you will be able to break-down organic waste contaminants; which cause odour and cloudy water. After treatment, water quality and clarity is often completely restored.

Why should I shock my hot tub?

The main reason you should shock your hot tub is to clean the water. But it also helps to clear cloudy water. We also recommend shocking your hot tub to:

  • To kill bacteria – Chlorine based shock treatments are designed to sanitise the hot tub water and ensure it is safe for bathers.

  • Remove organic contaminants – Shocking helps to remove organic compounds which are added to the water by bathers. When multiple bathers use your hot tub, organic contaminants can increase to higher levels than standard sanitisers can manage.

  • Reactivate sanitisers - Your sanitiser (bromine or chlorine) becomes ‘used’ as it attaches to various contaminants, a shock treatment breaks the bonds so that the contaminants are caught in the filtration system and activates free chlorine to continue killing bacteria.

What hot tub chemicals should I use to shock my hot tub

A common question spa owners ask our hot tub accessories team is - what are the best hot tub chemicals to use for a shock treatment. There are currently two ways to shock your hot tub water; chlorine shock and non chlorine shock.

  • Chlorine Shock Treatment For the chlorine shock treatment, we suggest using it after very heavy spa use, or after a fresh water change to bring the chlorine level higher. To apply a chlorine shock dose, it’s wise to wait until the end of the day, so that chlorine can work unhindered by sunlight. We also advised to apply chlorine shock after heavy rain, if your spa has had a lot of use, and especially when you first spot signs algae creeping in. Chlorine shock is also sometimes a useful fix for dealing with cloudy water. Applying chlorine shock should become a part of your regular spa maintenance checklist. We recommend using the Aqua Sparkle Rapid Shock for an effective treatment. Please note: Chlorine levels after a shock dosing (sometimes called 'super-chlorination') are extremely high and as such bathing should not be allowed until the chlorine has returned to safe levels, as indicated on your test strips. After any dosing of any chemicals, please always test prior to bathing.

  • Non Chlorine Shock Treatment A non-chlorine shock does not disinfect the water. Its main use is a weekly treatment to oxidise the water, clear cloudy water and help remove contaminants. The non-chlorine shock will help your chlorine work better by creating ‘Free chlorine’ which is the type of chlorine needed to kill bacteria.

If you’re looking for a chlorine free shock treatment, we recommend using the YourSpa Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment. This product will also help those on bromine to activate the bromine and help it work more effectively.

Both types of shock treatment have their own benefits and weaknesses. We would recommend a combination of the two, however, this can be different depending on your water type or regular bathing routine. If you would like more information on the best hot tub accessories to manage your spa water quality, visit our website today.


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