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How To Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

If you have a hot tub or you are considering buying one, you may be wondering what is the best way to keep your energy bills and running costs to a minimum. At Aqua Spa Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering a number of hot tub accessories to conserve your running costs and keep bills low. With this in mind, here’s our top tips to keep your hot tub running nicely, while also cutting down running costs where possible.

Pick a well-made hot tub

Although it is easy to think that all hot tubs are made to the same standard, the truth is quite different. No hot tub brands are built equally, so it’s important to do your research before you invest.

A well-constructed hot tub will have built in, quality insulation that helps to keep your tub warmer for longer. Cheaper imports may not have the same efficiency, so ensure that you’re buying a high quality product with a decent manufacturer’s warranty.

If you would like more information on low price, high quality spas, visit Reef Spas for a quote today.

Use a hot tub gazebo or building

With the unpredictable UK weather, it can be difficult to plan when you go in your hot tub. That’s why we recommend housing your hot tub in a gazebo or building can protect it further from the cold, which can lead to lower energy usage and running costs.

While hot tub covers are a great way of protecting your spa and conserving your water, our range of Covana covers go one step further. At the turn of a key, the covana becomes a fully automated gazebo, protecting you and your spa from the elements; while saving you money on unnecessary water, heating bills and maintenance products.

Change your filters regularly

Spa filters that are clogged or worn out can make your pump work overtime and cause your heating element to perform less efficiently, wasting electricity and cash. Make sure that you clean your filters every time you change the water and replace the filter annually.

At Aqua Spa Supplies, we help people across the UK manage the hot tub of their dreams with the best hot tub accessories the market has to offer. If you need some help in deciding which type of filters, chemicals and other hot tub accessories you should invest in, our expert team will be able to help you.

Mar 4, 2021


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