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What chemicals do I need for my hot tub

Your tub is the pride and joy of your garden. In order to maintain its premium quality and longevity, it’s vital that you regularly inspect, clean and use the best hot tub chemicals to ensure the correct water chemistry.

With so many products on the market, choosing the best hot tub chemicals for your spa can feel like a challenge. Even our self clean models need daily testing to ensure the tub is safe and the water is crystal clear.

With this in mind, here’s three must-have chemicals you need to keep your spa in tip top condition.


The number one chemical you must invest in when purchasing a hot tub, is sanitiser. While there are a variety of different sanitisers on the market, Yourspa Bromine Tablets are our best hot tub chemicals for the job.

Yourspa Bromine Tablets are great for killing bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms that might lurk in your spa water; without affecting your pH level. They are also rapidly dissolving which means less time cleaning and more time in the tub!

Monitoring pH Levels

Monitoring the pH level of your hot tub water is a vital job in keeping the water balance for your spa. According to HydroPool Tubs, pH is what measures exactly how basic or acidic your water is. If not within the proper range, there is a risk that your hot tub equipment can become damaged or that bathers may experience skin or eye irritation.

Our AquaSPArkle 4 way test strips provide a quick and easy way to test your hot tub water. It’s simple to use ‘dip and check’ testing is what makes it one of the best hot tub chemicals on the market and vital for your regular tub inspection.

Chemical free hot tub

For those with sensitive skin, finding the best hot tub chemicals that will clean the tub and prevent irritation can seem impossible.

Spa Marvel Water Treatment & Conditioner is one of the safest and easy to use hot tub chemicals on the market. Not only does this keep your tub clean and balance your pH levels, it also softens the skin to keep it healthy; without drying it out! It’s even eco-friendly to help protect the environment.

Buy the best hot tub chemicals

Winter is coming, which means now is the time to get your hands on the best hot tub chemicals; to ensure your tub is protected from the elements. If you would like more information on the best cleaning materials for your hot tub, contact Aqua Spa Supplies on 01245 477 400.


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