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What is the ideal length for a swimspa?

Swimspas are manufacturred in a variety of different sizes from 12ft long up to 20ft long but most are made very similar in width as they are produced to fit inside a shipping container. However customers are always asking what is the ideal length of a swimspa. Well this is not an easy question to answer……

Swimmers come in all different heights and abilities so there is not an actual definitive answer. There is no such thing as the perfect swimspa. Some swimmers have a strong stoke and others are a lesser ability. Some have an even stroke, others much weaker so need more room to move up and down the lane. Different strokes require different amount of room to swim in. So there’s a lot to think about. It’s really down to the swimmers to make their decision.

Some swimspas are what we call duel zone. In other words they have 2 defined areas or zones, both working at different temperatures. One zone for swimming and the other zone for seating. Swimmers prefer a lower temp like 28-30 degrees. Seated bathers prefer a much warmer temp like 38 degrees. A duel zone will often be at least 18ft in length with a 14ft or 15ft swim area plus a 4ft or 5ft seating end. A Duel zones swimspas will be more expensive to buy due to higher production costs and more equipment.

In summary I would strongly suggest a wet test to actually swim in the spa you like and ensure it is right for you and your swimming ability before you make your final purchase.

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