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Vita Spa Hot Tubs - Quality Hot Tubs and Spas made in Arizona, USA

Since 1974, Vita Spas, USA have been right at the forefront of the Hot Tub and hydrotherapy industry in bringing innovation and technology to the mass market. They are synonymous with the manufacturer of High Quality, High tech, Reliable, Comfortable and Affordable Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis and spas, which have been rated amongst the best in the world.

Whether you are looking for a top end, high spec Hot Tub or a more economical low cost version, Vita Spas, USA produce a large range of beautifully manufactured Hot Tubs, Jacuzzis and Spas loaded with features and specs to suit all needs and budgets.

From our Large Warehouse Facilities in Essex, we supply our Stylish range of Hot Tubs and associated Accessories throughout a growing Dealer Network that covers the UK. All our authorised dealers are Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi specialist that offer a professional service and are dedicated to helping you.

Our new 2020 line up includes four well equipped ranges (100,300,500 & 700) designed to suit the needs and requirements of every Hot Tub purchaser, along with the New exciting X-stream Sport, the Hybrid combination of a Hot Tubs & SwimSpa.

You just can't beat a Vita Spa for value for money, we supply our stylish range of Hot Tubs and associated accessories throughout a growing dealer network that covers the UK

Vita Spa, A Relaxation Zone of Hydrotherapy

Today's Hot Tub purchasers are looking for a Greener, more Energy Efficient product that is manufactured to the highest of standards. To this end Vita Spa are committed to producing a more ecological and environmentally Green Spa and the very best affordable Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis. The use of our Recycled Vital Installation and H.E.E.T Stick™ enables Vita Spa to meet the rigorous standards set out by the California Energy Commission (C.E.C) along with our US Green Building Council approval and the use of recycled materials shows we are leading the way.

Vita's unique Vital Energy Insulation System, an Eco-Friendly Recycled Insulation has been approved by the U.S. Green Building Council. This evolutionary Insulation uses Recycled Fabrics such as Jeans to produce a very thick Insulation that is also used in the construction industry due to its high Insulation Properties. Containing no chemical irritants this reflective coated Insulation replaces high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds found in Urethane foam insulation found with most brands. Our new energy efficient system also allows for easy service access and can be re-installed to Factory Specifications within minutes.

Vita Spa are committed to producing a more ecological and environmentally Green Spa and the very best affordable Hot Tubs

Water quality is the most important part of any Hot Tub and Vita Spa take its filtration very seriously. BiOzone™ is the combination of Filtration, Ozone Purification and Natural Minerals. No one should bath in poor quality water and with our 100% continuous filtration, no one has too. Our exclusive cost efficient highly engineered circulation pump offers H.E.E.T.™ High Efficiency Energy Transfer, which basically produces FREE heat, reducing the time your heater is in operation. Standard on all our 700 series models, BiOzone™ is the perfect filtration system.

If you are looking for the very best in Hydrotherapy, look no further than the Vita Symphonic Wave Seat, a different full body massage that offers a moving, rhythmic massage that will open and close the jets up and down the body in a Wave Motion. This special seat has its own Top Side Controls allowing you to change between the available sequences, adjust the speed or even pause it so it stays in a certain spot. Why just have an ordinary soak, when you can receive the ultimate in Hydrotherapy Massage luxury, unrivalled luxury at the touch of your finger tip. For those who are looking for light therapy and the soothing sound of water then Vita Spa offer AquaGlo™, a full range of light & water features to relax the mind. Cascading water, waterfalls and fountains can be found throughout the Spa range, with a variety of special lighting including illuminated control, illuminated cup holders, AquaBurst™ and exterior accent lighting to enhance your Vita Spa experience. We also offer unique Vertical Back Massage Jets along with Self Reminding Top Controls,Multiple Waterfall Neck Jets, Sony Sound Systems, Safety Entry Steps, Sculptured Grab Handles, Vitroma Air Massage, Large Comfortable Footwells and so much much more.


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